Apple M1 Mac Mini Review


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  • Apple’s M1 Mac Mini, the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, represent a shift to Apple’s in-house processors.
  • If you thought this shift would result in slowdown or confusing software, it’s surprisingly simple.
  • Using the M1 Mac Mini is seamless, making it easy to forget that it’s using a new processor at all.

The Mac Mini often gets overlooked in Apple’s lineup, but it’s actually one of Apple’s most-loved computers, and for good reason. It’s the perfect computer for those that want an inexpensive desktop Mac, especially for those who like the idea of something compact, and who don’t mind using their own keyboard and mouse. That’s why I’ve used my 2018 Mac Mini as my daily computer since its release – and why I was very excited for Apple’s refresh of the computer this year.

But the new Mac Mini represents more than just a refresh. Alongside the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the 2021 Mac Mini is one of the first Apple computers to run on Apple’s new, self-built ARM-based processors, the M1, instead of Intel processors. And, along with the new processor comes a whole set of challenges, both for Apple, and for the user who would have to deal with any shortcomings and confusion that might come from switching to an all-new processor architecture. Does the M1 Mac Mini overcome those challenges? I’ve been using it for a…