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dennisaliu asked:

Tons of cool ways to use a Mac to the song of “Again & Again” by the Bird & the Bee

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Interview (Capture Shortcut) (Itunes) (Microsoft Word) (Photo Booth) (AOL Instant Messenger/Ichat) (Stickies) (Photoshop CS3) (Iphoto) (Fast User Switching) (Mac OSX Zoom Tip) (Finder) (Spotlight) (Quicktime Player) (Stacks) (Quick Look) (Desktop) (Screensaver)
(Screensaver) (Dashboard) (Dashcode) (Illustrator) (Final Cut Pro) (Exposé) (Time Machine) (Imovie) (Spaces)
(Windows Media Player for Mac) (Flip4Mac) (Flash CS3) (VLC Media Player) (Shake) (Mplayer) (DVD Studio Pro) (Real Player) (IDVD) (Color) (Screenflow) (Cinematize) (Safari) (Itunes Store)


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  1. ktroje says:

    this must have taken a while, right? this must have taken at least an hour for all the screen shots! :) Nice job!

  2. ktroje says:

    in google, search “YouTube downloader” click on the second link. download it, an us it! thats what i used to get this on m ipod touch. ;)

  3. rockstar1654 says:

    i found this song a day or 2 after she posted it and i’ve loved since! i luv it so much that i want it on my ipod! can u get it on itunes??????????????!!!!!!!!! anyway, luv the vid!

  4. Locoman4000 says:

    Yeah! Even though pc’s freeze a lot and macs are too easy to use for me! Everything has a flaw. Be happy with what you have…humanity…

  5. Stalk3rRus says:

    I loved how the video is done!

    Come on! Get over the Mac sucks and Windows sucks. Let’s just be happy that we can have both worlds!

  6. coolratcat says:

    windows take A LONGGG time to load for internet & apple takes like 3 seconds & we have everything you could want on a mac windows are only good for sony vegas thats it windows doesnt have a HUGE trademark we have phones to t.v. to IPODS and the mac computers are super pretty unlike windows MAC RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Posidenjojo says:

    she mustve stalled here computer with all those windows but btw macs suck windows are better for games and internet and EVEN for writing. The only good thing is photobook

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