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hay guys
i’m trying to install flash player to one of the Macs @ my office. it s running on OSx 10.4.11 and just 2day i have done all security updates, quicktime and safari updates.

Prob is, flash player 9 is getting installed but its not working. and the browser keep on saying “install the missing plugin”.

plz let me no how to solve this. Thankx guys
rebooting doesnt work
Thankx MaCooner. I tried downloading from that link 2. but its the same. giving the same message “install missing plugin”. when i click there there the browser attempts to install the FP but fails all the time and some times giving an error, something regarding the mime type
SORRY I spell yo name incorrect…..LOL

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  1. MaConnor says:

    Try going directly to adobe, re-downloading flash. There may have been an error in the version you downloaded. Also Flash is not covered by the apple updater, and must be downloaded directly from here. try this again if not, add comment details saying so, and we could help you more from there.

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