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  1. Early Linkin Park says:

    wow when I subscribed to your channel you had 23 subs, now you have 66 congrats on gets 43 more subs

  2. Early Linkin Park says:

    I don't what to be rude but you have not uploaded in a while also my imac collection got up I have two 2007 imac g6 20inch and a 2006 imac g5 17inch

  3. Early Linkin Park says:

    I think you channel is one of the best because u r one of the only youtubers that reply back to people that's great also u should do a video on a imac g6

  4. Everything Real madrid says:

    I subscribed because I just got a imac g5 and I wanted to see a review on it your cannel was perfect but u could sound a little more happy in your reviews

  5. Early Linkin Park says:

    do u have any other channels I can subscribe to I love your videos I am a huge apple pc fan can you plz make more videos on apple cumputer from the early 2000s (like the powermac

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