Apple now makes more money from iTunes than it does from the iPod

Amazing how quickly the times change. AppleInsider reports:

In the winter quarter (Apple’s fiscal Q1), the company reported “iTunes Software and Services” revenues of $ 3.69 billion and accessory sales of $ 1.83 billion. Those figures represented year over year growth of 22 and 25 percent over the year ago quarter (despite that previous quarter having an extra week). That growth matched the net revenue growth of the company’s blockbuster year-over-year iPad performance.

On a quarterly basis, Apple’s $ 5.5 billion in combined software and accessory revenues amounted to more than twice what the company made from selling iPods in the holiday quarter. That revenue was also about equal to the company’s quarterly revenues from selling Macs (although Mac sales were down significantly due to the late introduction of new iMac models).

And to really contextualize things, the money Apple earned last quarter via iTunes and accessory sales were about on par with the revenues Microsoft generated from its Windows division and “more than a billion dollars greater than Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division (which sells the Xbox, Windows Phone and related products and accessories).”

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