Apple Offering Free Replacements for Unresponsive iPhone 11 Screens

(Image: PCMag)

Apple’s new iPhone 11 replacement program will replace non-responsive screens for free.

Engadget reports that affected users can mail their iPhone to Apple, take it to an authorized repair center, or drop the phone off at an Apple Store.

Apple says only a “small percentage” of iPhone 11 touch displays “may stop responding” with this particular issue. Still, that’s only one problem iPhone 11 users have faced. Apple already resolved a green tint issue on screens via a firmware update. Now it’s time to tackle unresponsive screens.

To determine whether your iPhone 11 is eligible for replacement, visit Apple’s support page and enter your phone’s serial number. Affected phones were manufactured anywhere from November 2019 through May 2020. If eligible, choose which service option works for you to get the process rolling.

Apple advises users to back up iPhone data ahead of any service appointments. Additionally, if the phone has any damage to it that could impede screen replacement, that needs to be resolved before sending it in. Other phone issues that need to be fixed may result in fees unrelated to the screen replacement.

There isn’t any new information from Apple about what’s causing the issue. But the fix is simple enough, as long as you can live without your phone for as long as it takes for the repair to be completed.

Apple has allotted two years for iPhone owners to take advantage of this program. There should be plenty of time to figure out a backup phone before engaging the repair process.

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