Apple opens beta (updated: developers only)

Apple iCloud login screen

If you’ve got a MobileMe account you may have access to a new iCloud beta program. Try your login at and you should be re-directed to the new service. I say may and try because reports have been mixed about being able to log into the service.

With my (previously paid) MobileMe credentials I was able to get as far as the first iOS-like dialog box which asked me to move my account to iCloud. It reads “Your mail, contacts, calendars and bookmarks will be automatically moved to iCloud. Close/Move.”

I tried clicking both the Close and Move buttons, but both re-directed me to MobileMe’s generic error page.

Update: It appears that the iCloud beta may only for registered Apple developers. After trying to log in again, I got a different dialog stating that “the Beta is only available to developers.”

To further complicate things, some MacRumors forum members that aren’t registered Apple developers have reported being able to log into the iCloud beta.

Are you able to move your account?

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