Apple OSX-Leopard Launch – London

mikehellers asked:

Some impressions from the launch of MacOSX 10.5 here in London tonight.
The images showing the queue were taken at 17h15, 45 minutes before the shop re-opened.

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  1. michaelhypno says:

    Well i was in that queue but i cannot find myself–think my eyes have gone looking at the new dock

  2. vinskapur says:

    Hah, spotted myself in this one. One of the stewards on my flight home this morning attended the launch yesterday as well; wonder if he got there that early…

  3. tubewayarmy66 says:

    Now let me see if I can remember. The queue for the launch of Vista – was it 4 or 5 times longer than this one? No, wait, I remember now. It was 7 people. And a stray cat…

  4. DukeNuke76 says:

    Cool video :)

    I did try to avoid getting caught on camera but you managed to catch me in the queue (I’m waiting in line at the front).

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