Apple promotes iPhone 13 Pro cameras with new ‘Experiments VI: Movie Magic’ video


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One month after Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro, the company continues to promote the camera capabilities by showing how some users can stretch to the limit of these cameras and create beautiful images.

This time, Apple commissioned an experiment with photographer Dong Hoon Jun and visual artist James Thorton for a sci-fi short. The video called “Movie Magic” shows that with the iPhone 13 Pro, users can shoot “practical special effects that look just like the movies.”

Although it was shot by professionals, what makes things more interesting is how they are able to create beautiful effects using the iPhone 13 Pro cameras with Cinematic mode, the revamped Ultra-Wide angle lens, and more.

The video is split into six pieces: Intro, Hyperspeed, Outer Space, Cloudscape, Anti-Gravity, and Pepper’s Ghost. In each section, Hoon Jun and Thorton explain how they’re shooting a scene and how to make even a sci-fi short look real without special effects.

This is not the first time Apple has promoted the iPhone 13 Pro camera’s capabilities, but it’s for sure one of the most impressive experiments. A couple of weeks ago, in an interview with TechCrunch, the company execs talked about how they created the new Cinematic mode.

“We knew that bringing a high-quality depth of field to video would be magnitudes more challenging [than Portrait Mode],” says Apple VP Kaiann Drance. “Unlike photos, video is designed to move as the person filming, including hand shake. And that meant we would need even higher quality depth data so Cinematic Mode could work across subjects, people, pets, and objects, and we needed that depth data continuously to keep up with every frame. Rendering these autofocus changes in real time is a heavy computational workload.”

While showing professionals using the new iPhone 13 Pro cameras at their limit can be a little overwhelming for the regular user, here, at 9to5Mac, our colleague Ben Lovejoy showed a very good real test with this function. Although it’s still in the early stage, he was impressed by this first-gen feature, as you can read more about here.

Check out the commissioned Shot On iPhone 13 Pro short by Dong Hoon jun and James…