Apple retail employees getting a nice little pay hike

Dow Jones reports:

Apple has begun raising the wages of its retail store employees by as much as a quarter of their wages following an internal review period earlier this year.

Employees began learning of the raises in face-to-face meetings with managers last week, according to three Apple employees in various regions across the U.S. The raises, which are based on performance, will begin appearing in paychecks around the middle of July, two of these people said.

Employees said they were appreciative of the move, though they considered the raises had been a long time coming. The increased wages, one person said, more accurately reflected Apple’s position as a high-end retailer.

The pay raises, first reported by the Business Insider blog, come two months after Apple’s newly appointed retail chief, John Browett, joined the company. Mr. Browett came to Apple from Dixons Retail PLC, a large chain of electronics stores in the United Kingdom.

Soon after joining the company, Mr. Browett sent a video message to employees saying that he would accelerate employees performance review periods by three months from their originally scheduled period in September.

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