Apple rolls out iOS 16.4 update; brings new emojis, VoiceOver support for Maps, Voice Isolation for calls, and more

Apple iOS 16.4
Apple has released iOS 16.4 for iPhone users, which includes a slew of new features like an expanded emoji set, voice isolation for calls, website push alerts, and more. Apple has issued the iPadOS 16.4 update alongside the iOS update. In addition, the firm released tvOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3. The stable version of iOS 16.4 is now available to iPhone owners worldwide.

Users can update their devices by opening the Settings app, heading to General, and then Software Update. If they do not see the update right away, they should keep checking because the updates should be available to everyone shortly. When the installation procedure begins, the iPhone or iPad will download the update and then prompt the user to restart the device. It’s important to note that the gadget will be inoperable while the update is installed.

By going to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and choosing the developer beta, those who are enrolled in Apple’s developer programme can now immediately activate the developer beta option from the Software Update section. This is a quick method to get the stable developer beta version as opposed to having to install a profile from the Developer Center. However, public sharing of developer beta accounts will be stopped since you will need to be logged in with an Apple ID connected to a developer account.
There are 21 new emojis listed in the changelog for iOS 16.4, including a wiggling face, a pink heart that has been requested for a while, two pushing hands, a Wi-Fi symbol, and other things like different animals and items. Following the Unicode Consortium’s approval of these emojis last year, it was announced in February that they would be included in the most recent iOS upgrade. In addition, the new set of emojis includes grey and light blue hearts, a foldable hand fan, ginger, a pea pod, jellyfish, a goose, a moose, a hair pick, maracas, and a flute.

This update also includes voice isolation for mobile conversations, which prioritises user voices while muting background noise. The functionality had previously been available for use with FaceTime and other VoIP applications, but not with mobile calls. While on the call, open the Control Center,…