Apple sells out of first allotment of online iPad supply – Report

When Apple’s online store started accepting pre-orders for the new iPad, the demand was immense, crushing Apple’s capable servers in the process. Eventually, as far as we can tell, everyone who wanted to pre-order an iPad was able to do so, even if it took them a few tries to do so.

The Next Web notes that shipments for iPad orders have now slipped from March 16 to March 19, leading them to conclude that the first grouping of iPads available for shipment is now sold out.

This indicates that Apple’s first complete online batch of new iPads has sold out in the US and UK, with the next round arriving a week later. Since Apple normally dedicates a (large) allotment of iPads for sale in its physical stores as well as a lesser amount for retail partners like Best Buy and Radio Shack, this doesn’t mean it has sold ‘every’ iPad it made for the launch day, but it does show that the units allotted to its online store went quickly.

With a Retina Display and 4G capabilities, Apple’s new iPad is poised to be even more successful than the already popular iPad 2. What’s more, with the current iPad 2 16GB model now available for just $ 399, Apple is tightening the screws on the rest of the Android playing field.


John Gruber, highlighting the impressive new iPad, wrote yesterday.

Two years after announcing the original iPad, Apple has produced a version that simply blows that original model away in every single regard. It’s faster, it’s thinner, it feels better in hand, it supports LTE networking, and yet battery life is better. The retina display is simply astounding to behold. Eight days from today they’re shipping a product that two years ago would have been impossible at any price, and they’ve made it look easy.

True dat.

via The Next Web

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