Apple signs deal with another fingerprint security firm – Report

MacRumors points us to a report regarding a deal Apple recently completed with an Australian company called Microlatch which specializes in fingerprint authentication, further lending credence to reports that Apple is keen on implementing said security feature for what very well may be NFC functionality in the future.

And this of course is in addition to Apple’s almost-done deal to acquire AuthenTec, yet another fingerprint software chip company.

The article relays information purported to come from David Murray, a lead investor in Microlatch.

Mr Murray said the company had an agreement with the notoriously secretive Apple to develop fingerprint technology for use in near-field communications applications.

Microlatch has patented fingerprint identification technology that meets banking security standards without the need for central processing or storage; a process Mr Murray described as “self-registering”.

Apple sure is up to something.

via MacRumors

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