Apple snubs Mac App Store for 10.7.1; enablers all over again?

Apple today released OS X Lion Update 10.7.1 (details) and I’ve got a couple of issues with it.

1. OS X Lion 10.7.1 is only available via Software Update (and direct downloads — a.k.a. the old fashioned way. What happened to using the Mac App Store? Apple blazed a trail by distributing Lion almost exclusively from the Mac App Store, why did it go back to Software Update? What happened to eating your own dog food?

2. Lion is still fragmented. Apple could have used 10.7.1 to consolidate the various builds into one universal updater and installer but didn’t. There are separate 10.7.1 updaters for a) the 2011 MacBook Air and Mac mini and, b) everything else. It reminds me of the infamous System Enablers that were required with the Centris, LC, Quadra and Performa models in the late 90s.

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