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macOS is the operating system for the Mac macOS is the operating system for the Mac

macOS is the operating system for the Mac. After nearly a decade as Mac OS X, Apple moved the naming to macOS 11 to mark the transition to Apple Silicon.

The operating system will now iterate its version number similar to Apple’s other operating systems.

macOS 14

The next version of macOS will likely focus on platform stabilization and continued Apple Silicon optimization. The name is as much of a mystery as its features, but all will be revealed during WWDC in June.

macOS Ventura

WWDC 2022 revealed macOS Ventura with a new windowing system called Stage Manager. Updates include more social and sharing options across the OS, including SharePlay in iMessage.

Focus Modes get more powerful thanks to Focus Filters. Also, Apple pushes PassKey, Matter, and other new systems as the overall market launches those features in the fall of 2022.

macOS Monterey

The macOS Monterey update brings new social-focused features to the operating system. Apple also introduced a new Handoff feature called Universal Control that enables one Mac’s mouse and keyboard to move between nearby devices.

Apps were also updated with new features and designs, like Safari with a new tab grouping system and FaceTime with a grid option for calls. The new “Shared With You” sections in apps show content that people have sent you in the Messages app.

macOS Big Sur

Apple built macOS Big Sur to be the transition operating system for Apple Silicon. It introduced new design aspects like rounded windows and squircle iconography.

This operating system brings optimized apps for the new ARM system architecture, universal apps, and better responsiveness across the board. Also, use your iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac when running an M1 processor.

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina was the next step in Apple’s modern initiatives to control the user experience from top to bottom. This update closed off more walls, built up more security, and offered more ecosystem parity across devices.

This update also ditched iTunes in favor of three new apps; music, podcasts, and TV. The Files app now handles local backup and syncing of iPhone and iPod devices.

Mac Catalyst

A precursor to the Apple…