Apple to release a number of low-cost iPhones – Rumor

Electronista reports that Apple this Summer may not just release one low-cost iPhone model, but may in fact release a number of low-cost iPhone models. As has been reported previously, the devices will be geared for emerging markets where folks simply can’t afford the iPhone as is.

To save costs on its rumored low-cost devices, Apple will reportedly use cheaper plastic instead of metal to adorn the devices.

While the source provided no timetable for release, the rationale provided for Apple capitulating to the lower end of the market was said to be to buy time for the company while it works on the next revamp of the iPhone, which might presumably be called the “iPhone 6″ and would not be expected for more than a year. Apple is said to be particularly concerned with the Android platform’s success in the low end in countries with large prepaid customer bases, but has always steered budget-minded customers to its lower-cost-contract offerings such as the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The company has seen demand for those older models increase substantially, particularly with the addition of some monthly-payment or “trade in” options in countries such as India.

via Electronista

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