Apple to release earnings from Q3 2012 on Tuesday, July 24

This coming Tuesday, Apple is set to announce its earnings from its third fiscal quarter of 2012, encompassing financial data from April through June.

During Apple’s third fiscal quarter of 2011, the company reported revenue of $ 25.87 billion for a net quarterly profit of $ 7.31 billion and EPS of $ 7.79. During that period, Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones and 9.25 million iPads, representing a 142% and 183% increase respectively year over year. Mac wise, Apple sold395 million Macs, representing a 14% increase from the third fiscal quarter in 2010.

And by way of comparison, Apple in 2010 during Q3 of 2010 Apple posted revenue of $ 15.7 billion and a net quarterly profit of $ 3.25 billion.

In any event, Apple’s guidance for the quarter checks in at $ 34 billion and an EPS of $ 8.68.

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