Apple To Update iPad With New Design, Report Claims

The design of the iPad is going to change next year, a new report claims.

The display size on the entry-level iPad has only ever come in two sizes. From Spring 2010 to Spring 2018, this was 9.7 inches, and from September 2019, with the advent of the seventh-generation model, this was switched to its current size, 10.2 inches.

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According to a new report from Display Supply Chain Consultants, as spotted by 9to5Mac, this is going to change next year.

In other words, assuming the tenth-generation iPad is released this fall (there have been annual iPad updates each September since 2019), it will have the same 10.2-inch screen.

But in 2023, the eleventh-generation model would come with a bigger screen. Analyst Ross Young, says that the expectation in the report is that the screen will only be slightly larger.

So, what does this mean and how big is slightly larger?

Well, Apple does love to recycle, so my guess is that the new display will be a size that has previously been used on an iPad. A previous iPad Air included a 10.5-inch display and I’d say that’s the most likely screen size increase.

It would fit into the old iPad Air chassis and would be a nice upgrade.

On the other hand, the iPad is now the only Apple tablet that uses a Home button with Touch ID on the front of the device and you could argue that the design is beginning to age.

In which case, why not put Touch ID into the power button, as on the latest iPad mini and iPad Air? That’s a possibility, but it would cost more and we know that Apple is not against keeping the Touch ID on the front of its products, as evidenced by the latest iPhone SE.

But the iPad is something different, so I think it’s just possible there will be a radical overhaul, putting Touch ID in the power button and spreading the display to the tablet’s edges, like on the other iPad models.

In this case, a 10.5-inch display could mean a smaller iPad footprint. The display size is far enough from the 10.9-inch iPad Air to make a difference.

On balance, I think a new…