Apple updates internal inventory database with new iPod Touch, iPhone 4 models

By David Goldman:

Citing an anonymous source, Mark Gurman reports that Apple has already uploaded its internal inventory database with updated entries for upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch models.

The report relays that three new iPod Touch models have appeared under the codename N81A which may point to three white iPod Touch devices in varying capacities. Note that the black iPod Touch is codenamed N81.

Since there are only new three iPod touch models – at this time – it’s likely that the black models won’t be updated. This also likely means the storage capacities will stay at their current 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

User’s shouldn’t expect any significant upgrades to the iPod Touch, aside from an improved ambient light sensor and the inclusion of an oleophobic coating to help reduce fingerprint smudges.

Also showing up in Apple’s internal database are two new iPhone SKUs which are marked as slightly modified iPhoen 4s. 9to5Mac theorizes that they may in fact be iPhone 4s, albeit with 8GB of capacity, as it’s been rumored Apple would release a low-cost iPhone 4 at aggressive pricepoints to capture the low to mid-range end of the market.

The report further relays that the new iPhone SKUs are likely not Apple’s upcoming iPhone models as they include significant hardware upgrades “that would typically constitute a new codename.”

via 9to5Mac

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