Apple Uses The Little Mermaid to Try to Sell You the iPad Pro


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Apple’s new Little Mermaid parody ad for the iPad Pro.

Apple’s new Little Mermaid parody ad for the iPad Pro.
Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo

Although it’s been proven that Apple absolutely does not need any help selling its devices, the company was apparently feeling creative and in the mood for song when it created a parody ad based on The Little Mermaid for its new M1 iPad Pro. For unknown reasons, Apple hasn’t publicly premiered the ad, but it looks like someone else decided to spread the Disney joy.

Apple’s Little Mermaid parody, which features the classic song “Part of Your World,” began making the rounds on Saturday. Interestingly, the ad is on Apple’s official YouTube channel and was uploaded on June 4, a few days before the start of WWDC. Yet, the ad was not publicly released and is unlisted on Apple’s channel. Some say the private link was leaked on social media.

I, for one, cannot understand why Apple would sit on this gem. Being the Disney and Apple fan that I am, this video filled me with geeky delight.

Titled, “Your next computer is not a computer,” the ad follows different people with dreary computer setups singing and expressing their longing for Apple’s new iPad Pro, even though they’re “the girl who has everything.” The ad showcases people using the new iPad Pro to edit photos, game, and video chat in the sun. As the ad’s title hints, Apple is trying to make the case that its device can do almost all the things a desktop computer can do.

Personally, not sure I agree with that but that’s probably because I’ve been brainwashed by two giant screens and an ergonomic desk chair. (And AC, I can’t imagine happily working away outside right now like the people in the video without turning the same red as Sebastian, the singing crab). That’s not to say the new iPad Pro isn’t a great machine.

As we pointed out in our review, the new iPad Pro, equipped with Apple’s ARM-based silicon, is the best iPad you can buy right now. The 12.9-inch model features a miniLED display, allowing HDR content to really shine, and it’s speedy and powerful. While its software has been underwhelming, Apple’s recently announced iPadOS 15 gives it a boost.

iPadOS 15 introduces new…