Apple wasn’t fooling when it said it wanted to make Macs more secure


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When Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering last year said, “We have a level of malware on the Mac that we don’t find acceptable,” he apparently really meant it. And Apple seems to be doing about something about it.

Apple is giant taking steps to secure the Mac

Federighi characterized Apple as being in an enduring battle against malware on the Mac. He also explained that between May 2020 and May 2021 the company identified 130 types of Mac malware that infected 300,000 systems.

Given the Mac’s reputation for security, that may seem counter intuitive, but maintaining a secure platform requires constant watchfulness.

We know Apple has intensified the degree to which it monitors its platform in recent years. Not only has the company been forced to do so as its growing market share makes its platforms attractive targets, but we’ve also experienced a scourge of “surveillance-as-a-service” businesses that have been attempting to crack Apple’s code for generally nefarious and repressive purposes.

The new threat environment: Nasty and well-connected

Apple last year sued controversial private surveillance company NSO Group.

When it did, the company’s head of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture, Ivan Krstić, said: