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  1. Emmanuel Cuevas says:

    P.s. you can use this in class when you are bored like in in the back of the class and it’s better using it when your in the back

  2. Eric Lynch says:

    This dude either runs really funny or is intentionally trying to get us to notice the fact that this dude runs funny.

  3. Nova 29 says:

    So I have a series 3 and if I return it at target and drive an hour to Costco I could get a four is it worth it or should I just stay with the 3 for now

  4. Brooks White says:

    I can honestly say that of all the people I see wearing Apple watches, I've never seen a single one of them actually, you know, using it. Not even to check the time. It's just a dark-screened black box they wear on their wrist, so they can say they have one. And when the next generation comes out, they'll upgrade to the latest dark box.

  5. Speed _ says:

    I have a series 4 and I use it to look at memes in school because phones aren’t allowed…

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