Apple Watch SE vs Series 6 vs. Series 3: How to choose?


There’s a reason why the Apple Watch ($169 at Best Buy) continues to dominate smartwatch sales. It can do almost as much as your smartphone, it’s one of the best fitness trackers out there and it even keeps your vitals in check. I’ve spent a lot of time wearing the latest Series 6 ($399), the $279 SE and $199 Series 3. I also over-research every purchase in my life. So trust me when I tell you there’s no bad choice when it comes to buying an Apple Watch. (See the chart below for a full specs breakdown, including international prices.)

Even the Series 3, which still has its shortcomings (like battery life), will give you most of the features you need in a smartwatch. Everything beyond that is a “nice to have” that will mostly depend on your budget. Here’s a breakdown of Apple’s smartwatches to help you narrow it down. 


Apple Watch Series 3: The most affordable option with a few trade-offs

If you’re still unsure about making the leap from analogue wrist watch to smartwatch, or if you’re on a budget, the Apple Watch Series 3 may just be your ticket. Starting at $200 the square watch face looks almost exactly the same as the more expensive models and packs in all the core fitness and smart features you need.

It’s an extension of your smartphone that lets you make calls, send texts, get notifications and listen to music, as well as a fitness tracker that pushes you to improve your activity levels with a ring-based system. 

Like the more expensive Apple Watches, the Series 3 automatically detects over 12 different workouts, including swimming and cycling, and it gives you access to Apple’s new Fitness Plus service, allowing you to stream guided…