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  1. Star Lord says:

    lol i turn off the stand mode im well looks like u might needa get your fat ass up an use it

  2. Myron Gray says:

    I love my series 3, but it didn’t pass the water test. First time I went swimming with it, it went dead afterwards and I had to get a replacement. Make sure you get the Apple Care warranty.

  3. okhouri says:

    You need to try the Garmin smart watches before making videos like this. You might sound less ignorant

  4. E PM says:

    I love my watch. I have the series 3, no data. I returned the last one that had data … it was draining my battery. I just wish their bands weren’t sold out all the damn time!

  5. SymbolX says:

    I have used the Garmin Vivoactive HR for almost two years and the Fibit Versa for about two days… And the Apple Watch destroys them on all aspects but the battery!

    I liked the way Garmin recorded and displayed activities, but that's pretty much the only thing it did "kind of" well (The Garmin sometimes crashed for not apparent reason and lost all the data since the last sync! And, it's apparently not waterproof at all, even though it's supposed to be!) I don't regret switching to Apple, as always! :D

  6. FXDLS_JOE says:

    Let’s be honest here..

    That little jog you did for the camera was the total of all the jogging you’ve done since buying this watch? Lol

  7. Aryan Zynn says:

    It is really useful for me since, my job cant bring a phone to the floor. Thanks apple, atleast it can help me to release my stress by read those notification.

  8. Kutthroat Dre says:

    The Apple Watch is trash u can’t listen to music without headphones how could they forget that part

  9. Wesley Beernaert says:

    LTE still not available in Belgium…. big dissapointment to me, so I'm going with "it's probably not going to come" so I bought the normal nike + version (with my LE), so let's hope I'll be satisfied or I'll be poor for a very long time.

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