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  1. Raymond Wong says:

    Its always a waste of time to logon to the Apple Watch. When I press the screen, it mostly always reads two digits pressed instead of one. After a few times like that, it always says, "try logon in 1 minute." If after 1 minute, that same problem persists, it says, "try logon in 5 minutes." Geeeeee, I am done with Apple Watch.

  2. Rachelsnails says:

    You should consider Apple Music bc you don’t have to buy any music after you have it. You can download all the songs and listen to them without actually buying them and you get playlists too! Me and my husband have a family plan, it’s really good for ppl who buy a lot of music like my husband lol

  3. Destiny Morgan says:

    You don't have to use Siri to sent a text. You can write out what you want where it says scribble… If you didn't know

  4. Julia Butler says:

    This Apple Watch is GOLD not rose gold the Apple Watch Series 3 only comes in gold, silver, space Gray

  5. Tjadeintyo says:

    Jeanine your funny you said the only way to sent whole messages from you Watch is by Siri. You can actually write on your watch my clicking the scramble button lol.

  6. Moesha Baker says:

    I really am thinking bout getting one because I can’t have my phone while I am working and this sounds like a good deal

  7. Littlesprinkles9 Huela says:

    Do you think an apple watch is necessary for an 11 year old with a very busy schedule and feels like she needs an apple watch???

  8. Littlesprinkles9 Huela says:

    What if you don't have a phone xD
    I guess I'll just get the thing where you have to pay extra to not have a phone with you at all time :P

  9. Brittney☺ says:

    And it does give you option if it’s okay or not you just hit cancel if it’s not okay for the message

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