Apple Watch Series 3! One Year Later! Is it STILL WORTH IT?!

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  1. Imran S says:

    You need to use Samsung Gear s3. I look way good looking than apple, Works very nicely with Android devices, why do I know this? I have and iPhone and use Samsung Gear :D

  2. Steven Farris says:

    I love my Series 3 Apple Watch. I may not wear it everyday, but I.feel lost without it! I'm already trying to figure out how I can sell it to get the Series 4! I'm so addicted to tech!

  3. Sean C. says:

    TEDD have you tried Samsung watches? I have the Gear S3 Frontier with a Note8 and I love it! Apple watches are great I admit but the Gear S3 is awesome especially if you don't install a lot of 3rd party apps since that's the only weak point of Tizen OS. I too use AirPods with Android since they are the best wireless earbuds currently.

  4. Mr Older & Wiser says:

    Your checklist and likes to me sound like you need the Huawei watch 2, I have the 4g and love it, works work my p20pro , has internal storage when I go to the gym phoneless and it was on offer for £200.

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    I have the Apple Watch 2 and it’s great, the activity rings gets me motivated to keep active. Series 2 is waterproof as well as the 3. Get close to 2 days on the battery.

  6. Keith Babarovich says:

    You are totally an apple fan boy. You will soon have to move to California and start driving a Tesla. :-)
    I'm not a fan of apple, but I'll watch your watch videos anyway , because they are entertaining.

  7. Help at Home says:

    So this is what you left the Galaxy for, huh? Shame, shame. I love BillUtah's comments, ha ha. Another great video.

  8. W.G. Brown says:

    Totally off topic TEDD, for my S9+, which gimbal for YouTube? DJI? Zhiyun? Moza?….. HELP!!!! sorry I don't know how to contact you

  9. Stan Cook says:

    I have had all the Apple watches since #1. #3, in my opinion, is much better. Healy that notifications are the important ones to me. I don't do heavy exercise anymore so great exercise app I don't need. I get near 24 hours on the battery. I wear it 24/7. I had a gear with a camera once and it was cool to snap a picture at any time. I wish the Apple watch did that but maybe I am in a minority. Work with other phones? Never going to happen. They call it the walled garden for a reason.

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