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  1. nickel eziko says:

    DM on Instagram @seansoftengineer for coding, programming, hacking, PayPal adder, software development iCloud…. Tested and trusted bet me he is pro

  2. Alexis Griffin says:

    I love the Apple Watch series 3, works amazingly! However over here in the UK the LTE model is pretty much useless as you can only use it on one network at the moment. Coincidentally that’s the most expensive network so very few people actually bother with the LTE model

  3. Serge Letunovskiy says:

    I got the ceramic version series 2 when they came out, and never saw a need to upgrade to series 3. I did however purchase series 3 for my wife today, and I think she is going to love it! Great vid though!

  4. Biodan_Bmx And stuff says:

    Should I get a Apple Watch series 3 that has Nike plus or a gaming pc that’s 700 dollars

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