Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 1: Which should you buy? [9to5Mac]

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  1. Chelsea T says:

    Ok so this video is a complete waste of time. I mean obviously the series 3 is faster then the series 1. Like when you were opening the apps in the beginning saying "series 3 is done" "series 1 is finished" like what is it a 5 second difference? Oh well. Alot of people cant afford the series 3, wich is $325 at my walmart. So in my opinion go for the series 1.

  2. Jacq Sm says:

    So basically I shouldn’t go buy series 3 . I should stick with the series 1 ? I really don’t like the red dot it bothers me .

  3. michael TANKY says:

    My pc boots faster than theses watches. Series 1 ftw. Apart from that long ass boot up everything else is fine.

  4. tlt40s&w 70 says:

    So what does speed have to do with a watch. I have the series 1 and can’t see spending 200.00 more for a little more speed

  5. M Jearl Vinot says:

    In today's consumer market it's not uncommon for people to purchase products where they will never take advantage of all the features or use of the full power. Part of that is because they don't have a choice, the other is lack of true understanding. Point in case with the Apple Watch. The Series 1 and 3 meet a price point that supports each's existence. If my need is mostly basic and I'm budget conscious, the Series 1 is for me. If I want the latest with features I may or may not use and I can justify the cost the the Series 3 is for me. Personally I would use the Apple Watch to see the time in a cool way, check text messages without have to pull out my phone and take advantage of the Health apps. That's about it, so the Series 1 for me and Wal-Mart may still have it for $149 .38 and $179 .42. In the end, with all products, the choice is your's.

  6. TurboPikachuX says:

    I'm still enjoying first-generation space gray Apple Watch sport I've had since October 2015
    Apple Watch Series 0 squad where you at?

  7. Daryl Martin says:

    What is that watch face on the Series 3 at 0:15? Is that Series 3 only?

    *Doh* found out it's only for Series 3 cellular watches. :-(

  8. patricia younce says:

    This video helped me tremendously in my decision of which one to purchase. Series 3 it is! Thank you!

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