Apple Watch Series 4 – 5 Reasons You Should Buy This for your iPhone

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  1. Aff3 says:

    Prob gonna get the XI or whatever it will be named and then get an s4 used for cheaper when the s5 comes out :)

  2. JJMRA 77777 says:

    Thas not true for one i have more problems with my apple watch 4 44mm and apple cant not tell me why is a good watch but this my second apple watch 4 44mm

  3. Kerry Small says:

    I have the home app on the watch face and it is very useful. I use it every day. as I get up to use the bathroom, I tap on the home icon to switch on one of my Phillips hue hallway lights that I have labelled "Loo" and presto, I can evacuate my bowels of an evening with the minimum of fuss. Job done!

  4. Oliver Queen says:

    I’m getting the Apple Series 4 this summer and I was thinking if I should get it or wait for Series 5 to come out. Also good video!

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