Apple Watch Series 4 – Fall Detection Alert Feature Tested

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  1. kbyebea says:

    There are a lot of people who have conditions that will find this useful, not just older adults.

  2. John Stilwell says:

    I was at work, talking to a customer about someone. I told the customer that the guy is going to be woken up one early morning by pounding on his door. I hit the counter a few times really hard with the heel on my palm. Like I was beating on a door. Well I had an alarm set for 6:45AM and right after I did the pounding my watch started the alarm noise. I was thinking it was my alarm going off so I ignored it a few seconds. The customer left and I looked at my watch and had 2 seconds to stop it from calling 911. LMAO

  3. Sofia Campos says:

    I love this feature since I have fainting spells so it would be great to notify my family.

  4. Mom's Safety Net says:

    How can you fall wrong – check out other tests at (@t​ which also show the Apple Watch fall detection is not reliable

  5. Puppuster The dog says:

    (Apple Watch) “It seems like you had a fall” (you)”I HAVE NOT FALL I WAS JUST RUNNING!”

  6. usarbo says:

    I dropped my new watch while taking it off the first time, thank God it was on carpet. It set off the fall feature.

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