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  1. MR NON PC says:

    I’m looking at getting a new Smart Watch, and if Apple can make the Speaker volume go louder on the Series 4 than it does on the 1,2, or 3 I’ll get one. If they didn’t improve that I’ll get a Samsung Gear/ Galaxy 4 Watch when it’s released. I had a Series 2 but sold it after a couple months because of the low volume issue. My wife’s Gear 2 Watch goes much louder, and that makes it more functional in my opinion.

  2. Mariusz Januszewski says:

    one word – battery ! seriously are you happy with it ? when all the competitors products last for at least a week ?! 3 days will make me buy it ;)

  3. The Best Stuff says:

    I hope they put in Bluetooth 5.0 and a better antenna. I just returned mine and I’m waiting for the new one to come out….i miss my watch already

  4. Average Jeff says:

    Only way I would buy a newer version is if they fix the issues with the touchscreen when you sweat! or gets wet! I can never stop my workout runs b/c of sweaty fingers! I hear the same complaint all the time from others

  5. apaceofchange94 says:

    Going from the original watch to the series 3 with Cellular was one of the biggest improvements I’ve seen in a product in so long.

    I still can’t believe how long the battery lasts. Sometimes up to three days.
    I couldn’t get even 20 hours out of the first.

  6. Jeremy Kirkwood says:

    I agree which much of this… but… watch bands… have always been cheap. It will stay that way.

  7. Shahar Rozenbloom says:

    The new iPad X will not have USB Port with 3 pins for iTunes in A Killer Idea. with 6 Speakers and will cost 200$ more with Glass Back And Radi Charge or the next iPad with out a USB Port… CarPlay Will support iTunes Match in a Killer idea.

  8. Kyle Brady says:

    My Series 2 just suffered a cracked screen which considerably limits the touch-screen functionality (though its still usable with the Digital Crown and side button along with remaining touch screen). The screen replacement is something like 85% the cost of a new one, so I am definitely looking at the Series 4 as a replacement. Like you said, supporting existing bands is a big deal, and I wasn't exactly running to get a Series 3 to replace my Series 2, so some style improvements would be much appreciated.

  9. Parisign says:

    Apple has been raping people for years… apple has never had an original product EVER… John Stewart from the daily show said it best " Steve jobs creeps through the electronic cemetery at was were great products, but didn't have the marketing, dumb it down and sell it at a premium "

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