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  1. JimsReviewRoom says:

    A bit more information on fall detection: If you are not 65 or older and want to use Fall Detection, you will need to enable it in the Emergency SOS section of the Apple Watch app which I shown in the video. I did test on multiple occasions with varying degrees of falls, and then opting to simply slam the wrist on my table several times. The Alert should come on immediately and if I stay still, then the watch would alert emergency services, etc. I did stay still on tests for as long as two minutes with no results. Like I said, it's not the most accurate test and some YouTubers were successful while some others weren't. As a side note, I'm on commercial grade carpet at the studio (Which is VERY thin carpet) and under that is concrete. (Not soft at all to cushion my fall, the momentum/g-force should be quite high regardless) But that's why I slammed my wrist on the table as a last alternative. Hope that clarifies some things for you! Aside from that…no, my nose is NOT red from attempting to activate fall detection. =) Much love everything and thank you for your support!!! #teamJRR

  2. Leo Yang says:

    Planning on getting the series 4 Apple Watch, however I’m having a hard time choosing which colour is best :(

  3. Will Weisenburger says:

    I'm usually not one to prefer Apple products but DANG. This is definitely one of the best smart watches out there at the moment.

  4. Mike Homan says:

    I am a long term Apple user and love my iPhones, iPads and Macbook but held off getting the Apple Watch. I did get the series 3 for my wife and she loves it. I had an my wife's old pebble watch that tells time for me. I am a musician and videographer. Looking at reviews I got the impression that I could leave my phone at home and use the Series 4 for most things. Just sprung for the Series 4 but returned it to Verizon within the 14 days they allowed. First Apple product that I was truly disappointed with. It did tell time, synced up nicely with Filmic Pro so I could control my iphone video and see it on the watch but the other functions were not dependable. I liked that I could use it to log on to my Mac without a password but it I was logging on from a fresh start up I still had to type in the password. It would not pair to my Mazda for music and apple's response was that it was not designed to pair with car audio. The walkie talkie would work sometimes but was not dependable to use. It did do the EKG but warned that it woud not detect a heart attack. Sometimes I could use my AT&T home alarm functions but at other times it would not work. You had to stick it almost into your mouth to get siri to respond. And if you had your phone with you two siris would respond. Midi wrist app only could change midi on your phone and could not connect to another apple device. Tonal Energy tuner could not be seen to tune my Sax as I had to use both hands to play a note. Had to use bluetooth headphones to listen to music which was ok and I liked that until the around-the-neck headphones kept getting in the way. Felt I could never leave my iphone at home so I return the watch and put my Pebble back on. At that price, It was just not for me. I might try the Series 10XR when it comes out.

  5. Mrssewhardtoplease says:

    Why would a person do a video like this? What does he have to gain? Who does he really work for???

  6. appraised says:

    Nice vid, my 1st visit. Based on this view, seriously considering 3 watch purchases: me, and two adult children (Christmas). However, as far as a gift purchase… won’t kids still need to pay for monthly cell charges? What good is watch without a subscription??

  7. NeverBeBored08 says:

    Having a hard time debating on whether to get the 44 mm or the 40 mm. Tried both on and I like them

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