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  1. Josh Blade says:

    The galaxy watch actually has more than NFC, it uses the same method as the phone version of Samsung Pay.

  2. Dc_wallets says:

    The galaxy watch looks so much nicer. The apple watch is nice but I just cant stand the weird square shape of the device. Its not bad it just doesnt look the best in my opinion. I would go with the Samsung watch. Partly because I have a android phone!

  3. Carlos Eduardo Almeida says:

    I wish that Galaxy Watch has Goals per week like Apple Watch does. Although I have an Android devices so I can't have an Apple Watch. That "new" feature should be great.

  4. Пансионат Аллюр says:

    Я за эпл вотч да и вообще эпл лучше чем Самсунг

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