Apple Watch Series 7 Hands-on: 24 Hours With the New Watch


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The Apple Watch Series 7 started shipping to most customers today — at least for those who pre-ordered —  but I got my hands on the 45mm blue model early yesterday. At this point, I’ve spent 24 hours with the Series 7, updated to the latest Watch OS 8.0.1, and wore it overnight for sleep tracking. I also spent some time comparing it to my Apple Watch Series 6. Here are my initial impressions.

Size does matter

The Apple Watch Series 7 may have gotten a bit less attention than the fancy new camera capabilities of the iPhone 13 series, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t significant changes and improvements here. The biggest and most visibly apparent one is the 20% bigger screen, with its smooth curved glass that pours over the edge.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — the bigger screen size makes a difference. Text is bigger and more legible, complications feel less cramped, and the thinner bezels make it feel like a sleeker, better-looking device overall. I got the largest size of both models — 44mm for the Series 6 and 45mm for the Series 7 — so the size difference was even more apparent. The overall experience of scrolling through apps and checking stats was more pleasant, especially on the denser, more info-packed watch faces.

One important note if you get the blue Series 7 as I did: The color is lighter than the darker navy blue on the Series 6, so I’m finding it a bit harder to match to my outfits. If you’d prefer the more flexible and conservative option, you may want midnight, which replaces last year’s space gray. The opposite goes for the red Series 7, which is a deeper red than before. You should consider your options and outfits accordingly before picking one.

If you already have a Series 6, it’s probably not worth the upgrade