Apple Watch Series 9 Could Gain Long-Awaited Feature, New Leak Claims

This fall, Apple is expected to release Apple Watch Series 10. But there’s a feature which has been missing in every single Apple Watch since the launch of the first one in Spring 2015. A new report claims it’s on its way.

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According to the Twitter account of @analyst941, who describe themselves as an Apple software analyst, a future Apple Watch could sync to multiple Apple devices. Here’s why that matters.

Right now, although you can sync more than one Apple Watch to your iPhone, each Watch can only be paired to one phone. Which means that if you don’t have an iPhone, but you do have an iPad and/or a Mac, you can’t even set up an Apple Watch.

Of course, that’s because Apple loves to keep you safe inside its walled-garden ecosystem, and the company would say that’s to protect the user experience.

However, if you could sync your Apple Watch to an iPad or Mac, then a whole new series of options becomes apparent.

If you have more than one phone, even if they’re both iPhones, you can only pair your Apple Watch to one of them. If one of those iPhones is for work and the other for personal stuff, then you need to carry the one that the Watch is paired with to ensure it remains up to date with notifications, for instance.

Here’s what @analyst941 said in their tweet: “Apple Watch can sync across more than one Apple device too, finally. I don’t know how this will be implemented. All I know, again, **ALL** I know, is that Apple Watch will sync across multiple iOS/iPadOS/Mac devices, and will no longer be tied to one single iPhone.”

No details, then, on how it will be achieved or how it will work, but it’s a good move. Remember how much freer it felt wearing the Apple Watch once it gained LTE connectivity in some models?

It’s also not clear whether you will still need an iPhone for the initial set-up. I’d have thought a companion iPad might work, but maybe not a Mac. I feel confident that the Apple Watch is…