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  1. itscrucial says:

    This video is biased, when she said that the best feature she likes about the apple watch is how to find your phone if you forgot it. Duh!, Android has that feature too. LOL! bias bias.. It's a standard with Android Wear yet the other lady looks like lost. So much BS for apple. I like them both but enough of the bias.

  2. Brelon Buckner says:

    I must say that I am currently having my eye on obtaining a workout watch. I, personally, liked the video. Instead of being bias you two were able to simply talk about the product and the experience you received from the product. I can say that I am truly a die hard workout guy. When I workout I rather be disconnected from my phone because text messages and phone calls will hinder my workout progress. I say all that to say that you ladies helped me to decide as to which watch I will purchase. Thank you!!!

  3. Mary pena says:

    I have a Fitbit Versa and I love it. If you need something to track your health and fitness journey go for the Fitbit. I love Apple and I have an iPhone but I wouldn't get an Apple Watch. For me the apps for texting, calls, and etc are unnecessary. I don't want my face all over the damn watch distracting myself like I lot of people do lol but we get what we want that's why we have choices!

  4. J-flash M says:

    Basically fitbit versa and Samsung frontier for Android users, and Apple watches for iPhone users, case closed lol.

  5. Weird Web says:

    now what's the use of fitness tracker/band when you are too lazy to pick up the phone from your pocket to make a call.Increase in people's stupidity is directly proportional to the increase in technology.

  6. Chief Justice says:

    Are you kidding me? Not even 4min in and one can clearly see your bias!

    "If you have the LTE version of the Apple Watch, you can even leave the phone at home" – No mention of the price
    "For payments with the Versa, you have to get the special edition […] which costs 30$ more" – Mentioning the price

    I don't mind, if you guys have a bias, but tell that to your audience first before you start with your fake ass comparison.

  7. userbosco says:

    Setting up the Versa requires connection to your WiFi network. Okay, fine, but these idiots make it only work w/ 2.4GHZ networks. Fitbit's own support tels you to go into your router and change your settings from 5GHZ to 2.4 to get it to work. What consumer tech company expects the general population to do this? Seriously? Spend $200, it should work and connect OUT OF THE BOX!! Sent mine back.

  8. Chris Brown says:

    I love Apple however since Pandora is no longer available on Apple Watch and me being a subscriber I’ll take the Fitbit and add my three playlist

  9. Aaron Mei says:

    Apple Watch he bae very precious and must be very careful when handling it seriously if you crack the screen it will cost hundreds of dollars to replace and I honestly think the Apple Watch is worth the 400 dollars

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