Apple WebKit confirms iOS 15 and macOS 12 updates


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We’re ending the first quarter of 2021 and still, no information regarding Apple’s next software conference has appeared. As far hardware goes, the company will unveil a bunch of new iPad Pros in a near future. Meanwhile, we’re expecting the WWDC 2021 to happen sometime in the next quarter where we will know more details about Apple’s upcoming software. Today, all of sudden, the names of iOS 15 and macOS 12 have been confirmed thanks to info leaked from Apple WebKit. The folks at 9to5Mac found evidence about the upcoming software versions after exploring certain strings on the Apple WebKit engine.

macOS 12 and iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 confirmed by Apple WebKit

Apple will unveil the iOS 15 for iPhones in a near future, and we assume that the usual iPadOS 15 branches will come alongside. One of the interesting details about this revelation is that Apple’s macOS Big Sur successor will be dubbed macOS 12. Of course, it will have a codename inspired by some of the company’s favorite landscapes. However, it confirms that the Cupertino-based firm is definitively leaving behind the crazy “sub-versions” update scheme. Until last year, the company insisted on multiple versions of macOS 10.

The last year’s OS for Mac computers brought important changes to build the road for the arrival of Apple’s first ARM-based chipset, the Apple M1. Now, the OS offers extensive support for ARM-based applications and even allows developers to port certain iPadOS apps to the computing platform. We expect the new macOS version to further establish this cross-compatibility between the two platforms and will bring even more incentives for developers to build ARM-based apps for Macs.

iOS 15 will bring major improvements in comparison to iOS 14

As far as iOS 15 is concerned, the new mobile operating system will bring major improvements over the last version. The company will expand the usability of the Widgets feature with more interactive features. Further, it will expand the number of default apps that can be changed based on user’s preferences. The security will also receive special treatment and the Settings UI will receive a long-awaited overhaul. Last but not least, we expect iOS 15…