Apple Yanks Anti-Vax Version of Tinder From the App Store

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Photo: Johannes Eisele / AFP (Getty Images)

Apple has yanked Unjected, an app that bills itself as “a safe space for the unvaccinated to come together uncensored through business, friendship, or love,” from the App Store. The company said that Unjected violated its covid-19 policies and tried to get around the App Store review process, which in itself is against Apple guidelines.

Apple took action against Unjected after being contacted by Bloomberg. The outlet published a report on Unjected on Saturday that analyzed how Apple and Google were dealing with the covid-19 vaccine misinformation presented on the app. In an email, Apple confirmed the takedown to Gizmodo on Saturday.

Google warned Unjected’s founders about the misinformation on the app’s recently debuted social feed—which included user-generated false claims that stated vaccines were “experimental mRNA gene modifiers” and “nano-technology microchips”—in mid-July and threatened to remove it if the content wasn’t deleted. The founders complied and removed the social feed, although one told Bloomberg that they planned to reinstate it and the false claims, hoping to “stay under the radar.” The app is still available on the Play Store.

In response to actions by Apple and Google, Unjected sent Gizmodo the following response via email.

“The only statement we have is that we are a respectful group of people supporting their medical autonomy and freedom of choice, and that we believe their unjust censorship policy’s on google and apple [sic] violates our constitutional rights,” Unjected said.

Gizmodo reached out to Google for comment on the report, but we did not receive a response from by the time of publication. We’ll make sure to update this blog if we do.

Similar to apps like Tinder, Unjected allows people to create a profile, match, and chat with others to find friendship and romance. As explained by Bloomberg, the “Tinder for anti-vaxxers” launched in May after mainstream dating apps teamed up with the White House to encourage users to get vaccinated. Users who claimed they were vaccinated received visibility boosts to their profiles and a special vaccination…