Apple’s Beta Software Program Going Nuts, Continually Requesting Updates When None Available


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Update November 1: An update is finally available, which fixes the issue detailed below

Apple’s beta software program provides pre-release software for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV before broad public releases to everyone. It’s for greedy, impatient people like me who want new functionality before anyone else, and and are willing to put up with a few bugs here and there.

Right now there’s a lot of “here and there” going on.

For the last few days, Apple’s beta software program has been notifying my iPhone that there’s a new update for iOS 14.

The only problem: there’s no update to be had.

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Tapping over to Settings > General > Software Update shows that there is no new version of iOS 14 to be downloaded and installed.

I tried a full shutdown and restart of my phone, wondering if that would induce an update, but no dice.

One notification is no big deal. But over the last few days, Apple has been spamming me with messages about imaginary and unavailable updates, continually requesting actions that I cannot undertake. And I’m not alone. When I tweeted about it, multiple other people said they had the same problem.

“It’s not just me?” asked former TechCrunch reporter Drew Olanoff. “Driving me insane.”

Multiple others are experiencing the same issue. And not just once or twice.

“Same here, multiple times over the last few days,” says Cezary Pietrzak.

According to Apple’s Feedback app, the latest iOS and iPadOS 14.2 Beta 4 Release happened on October 20. It included updates in Core Media, the SwiftUI, and fixed issues with Apple Pay and Networking, and added features to Messages. There’s no note about anything changing with the operating system updates, or the beta software program.

Of course, this is expected, to a degree. The beta software program FAQ, after all, warns anyone who is planning to install pre-release…