Apple’s Craig Federighi admits the level of Mac malware is not acceptable, iOS fairs better


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Craig Federighi standing in front of a computer

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Apple is currently locked in a legal battle with Epic Games. During the ongoing battle on Wednesday, Apple head of software, Craig Federighi stated that he is not pleased with the amount of harmful software and malware present for macOS. He stated that the ability to install software from the internet on Macs is regularly exploited. Whereas, iOS has a considerably higher bar for customer protection.

“Today, we have a level of malware on the Mac that we don’t find acceptable and that is much worse than iOS,” Federighi said. This is important in the case, as Epic Games is looking for Apple to allow users to install alternative app stores on their iOS devices similar to macOS. Epic Games arguing this states that Apple can easily apply all macOS software installation policies and security mechanisms to iOS, for keeping its users secure.

iOS is much more secure

Replying to this, Federighi said that the user base of the Mac is about one-tenth the user base of the iPhone, due to which Apple wants it to be much more secure. He also added that Apple found and removed about 130 different kinds of malware on Macs last year, compared to only three kinds of malware on the iPhone.

Apple will not merge Macs and iPads

People recently have been wondering if Apple will merge the Mac lineup with the iPad lineup, considering that some of them are now using the same processor and the operating systems have started looking quite similar with the recent updates. To which, Federighi answered that Apple still sees them as separate products and it is going to stay that way.

“I think of it as the Mac is the car, you can take it off road if you want, you can drive wherever you want. As that comes as a driver, you’ve got to be trained, there’s a certain level of responsibility to doing that. But that’s what you wanted to buy, you wanted to buy a car,” Federighi said. “With iOS, you’re able to create something where children, even infants, can operate an iOS device and be safe in doing so. Really different products.”

Citing a report from Nokia, Federighi said that iOS devices account for 1.72 percent of mobile malware infections. This is…