Apple’s December results: What you need to know


Protect Your Access to the Internet

It turns out that Big Tech doesn’t need to sell privacy to make money. Selling useful hardware that does what people want is good business, too, which is why Apple’s just reported its most profitable quarter in company history.

A new (Apple) world record

You’ve read the statement, and may have access to the transcript, so I won’t bore you with repeats, other than observing that more than $15.8 billion in services sales, massive iPhone 12 sales and growth in every product category conspired to create the company’s $111.4 billion quarter.

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated huge problems for everybody, but Apple certainly seems to have benefitted from it in the sense that we’ve all been investing in the kind of computing and mobile kit we need to struggle through the story. This also helped Apple beef up services attachments.

Apple in the enterprise

Apple confirmed what we all felt: That people have been spending on Macs and iPads to help them work and learn from home.

The company also discussed its growing place in the enterprise and alluded to the work it has been doing to expand in that space. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed: “We’ve been on a multi-year effort in the enterprise and have gained quite a bit of traction there…. We’re very optimistic about what we can do in that space.”

Apple CFO Luca Maestri talked about, “all time highs in the enterprise market,” noting that many businesses have been “shifting their technology investments in response to COVID-19.”