Apple’s five best moments of 2020

Although 2020 presented unique challenges, Apple refused to be derailed and collected multiple wins. Here are Apple’s top five best moments of the year.


Image: Apple

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple overcame difficult conditions to log multiple notable successes. Here are Apple’s five greatest moments of 2020.

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5. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s Watch Series 6 and the underlying watchOS 7 powering the wearable have changed the way many professionals work, and the device has certainly changed how people monitor and track messages, health, fitness, and other common actions throughout the day. In the COVID-19 era, adding a blood-oxygen sensor and app proved more than timely, as the functionality helps wearers confirm overall fitness and wellness and spot potential trouble.

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The always-on nature of the new Apple Watch Series 6, in which the watch face is always displayed and proves easier to read even in bright sunlight, makes it easier to track not just the time but information from complications, incoming messages, and alerts. Overall, that makes the new device that much more convenient and capable.

The new devices are also faster. A new dual-processor chip based on the A13 Bionic CPU that previously powered the iPhone 11 powers the Watch Series 6, unveiled in September.

A heavy daily Apple Watch user since the devices originally debuted, I’ve noticed and appreciated how apps subsequently launch faster and provide better responsiveness, all with improved battery life, too. Better performance and longer battery life are always a welcome combination, and Watch Series 6 delivers.

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4. iPadOS 14 and iOS 14

iPadOS, the operating software powering Apple’s popular and continually updated tablet line, received…