Apple’s Hidden MacBook Air Discount

The second-generation Apple Silicon MacBook Air debuted at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June this year. As the flagship M2 laptop and the one geared towards the regular consumer, demand was high. The price increase, up to $1299, caught out many who were hoping to see the new technology move down to the $999 price point.

Apple kept the MacBook Air M1 at that spot, but now there is another option to this issue, and it’s lurking in the depths of the online Apple Store.

Looking at the MacBook Air page on Apple’s website shows you the various options to buy the laptop new – there’s even a tempting offer for credit if you trade in an older qualifying computer. What you don’t see is a link to the Apple Certified Refurbished department. Here you’ll find many (but not all) of Apple’s products with varying levels of discount. And the MacBook Air M2 has just made its debut.

The machines come with discounts up to $150 depending on your choice of specifications. While they are refurb machines, that does mean that Apple technicals have looked over these machines before certifying them. You still have a twelve-month warranty and the option to purchase Apple Care.

For those on a budget looking for the MacBook Air with the updated design, more GPU cores, faster charging, and various tweaks all around, these refurbished machines make a lot of sense. You get the latest Apple laptop, the same peace of mind, and a place on the cutting edge of macOS computing, all with a not insubstantial saving.

Stock levels are not guaranteed, so if you are looking for a specific set up, you may need to check back with the store if it is not immediately available.

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