Apple’s iPad Air And MacBook Pro Will Come Together


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Updated June 9; article originally posted June 8. 

The keynote at Apple’s WWDC has passed, and the expected updates to the Mac line-up failed to materialise. Nevertheless, Tim Cook and his team offered us a clear look at the future of the MacBook and the Mac family through the updates to MacOS.

Update: Wednesday June 9. One potential reason for the no-show of the new MacBook Pro laptops is the problems with the supply of mini-LED screens. The worldwide chip shortage impacts not just on the main board chips, but also smaller components such as the display components required for mini-LED panels.

No matter how many panels Apple has ordered, if they are not physically ready, then we’re not going to see the new MacBook Pro models with the updated design. Nor will the new iPad Pro go on sale with any significant volume in the near future. The later of course has already been announced, but the former is being kept under cover in Cupertino (even if it was set up in Apple’s WWDC YouTube stream).

And the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro are going to share more than the mini-LED technology.

On the surface, not much is going to change, and this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. MacOS Big Sur saw arguably one of the biggest changes to the MacOS platform since the move from PowerPC to Intel way back in 2005 That the change was the move away from Intel towards Apple’s own ARM-based Apple Silicon creates a nice bookend to a sixteen year adventure.

MacOS Big Sur refreshed the look and feel of the deskbound OS, as well as having to support two different…