Apple’s Kaiann Drance promotes 5G speeds in iPhone 12 interview

Vice President of iPhone Marketing, Kaiann Drance, has given an extended interview discussing the new iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro, dealing principally with 5G, battery life, and MagSafe.

As the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro arrive in stores, Apple’s Kaiann Drance has addressed user questions about the new devices. Speaking on the Rich on Tech Podcast, she broadly repeated the talking points from Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event, but did speak more about Apple’s process for getting the new phones to customers.

“If you do show up as a walk-in,” said Drance on the podcast, “we may give you an appointment to come back at a later time. But certainly you may expect to wait a little longer because of occupancy in the stores and physical distancing. We may not be able to get everyone in as quickly as possible.”

Regarding the concerns over battery life being considerably reduced when using 5G, she insisted that the new phones will adapt to balance battery charge and speed.

“We’re able to make a bunch of software optimizations throughout the entire system to make battery life even better,” she said, “and on top of that we added a new feature called ‘Smart Data mode’ that will allow you to manage your 5G usage and battery life a bit better, so you can use 5G speeds when it really matters, and then for places where maybe it doesn’t matter as much it will revert to 4G LTE speeds to save your battery life.”

As well as Apple’s own optimization, she added that it is “really important” to know that the company has worked with carriers. “They’re also optimizing their settings together with iPhone to optimize for battery life,” she said.

Drance also addressed the issue that Apple has dropped the power adapter from the iPhone box — and included a Lightning to USB-C cable instead of the previous Lightning one.

“You can still use your old Lightning cables and any of those power adapters [that you have] will still work,” she said. “In fact, we encourage you to still use those as well. If you’re an Apple user and you happen to have a Mac or an iPad, we’ve also included those USB-C power adapters in recent years… and the computer ports…