Apple’s latest iPad Air, HyperX gaming peripherals are also on sale today


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We’re just about to say goodbye to 2020, but that doesn’t mean deals will stop coming. Right now, you can get your hands on a new 10.9-inch iPad Air with 64GB storage and WiFi-only connectivity for $570 after a $29 discount in Sky Blue or Space Gray. However, you can save $10 more if you go for the Green or the Rose Gold color option, which are currently selling for $559.

You can also get a new 10.2-inch iPad, as they’re still getting a $30 discount on its 32GB storage option with WiFi connectivity only, which leaves them at $299 in Space Gray, or get the Silver color option for $1 more.

We now move to gaming territory, as the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset is currently selling for $70 with almost $21 savings. The HyperX Cloud Stinger S is available for $50 after a $10 discount. If you want a headset to use with your Xbox, you can go for the HyperX CloudX, which is an official Xbox licensed gaming headset, and you can get it for just $60, after a $20 discount. Play Station users are also covered, as the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is up for grabs at just $30 with $10 savings.

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core gaming keyboard is also on sale, and you can get yours for $70 with $20 savings. We also see that the HyperX Pulsefire Raid is getting a $15 discount, which leaves it at just under $45 or get the HyperX Pulsefire Core for $24 with $5 savings.

Now, moving on to gaming controllers, you can get The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild plus a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for $109 with $21 savings. The controller alone is usually selling for $70, but it is also getting a $10 discount, which leaves it at $60. However, you can get a new PowerA Enhanced wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch for $50, and there are tons of color options to choose from.

Other deals incline the Moto 360 gen-3 for $180 with $120 savings at B&H. The Amazon Echo Dot gen3- is also on sale, and you can get one for $25 with $15 savings. And if you’re looking for extra storage space, you can get the G-Technology 10TB G-DRIVE USB-C desktop external hard drive for just under $300 with a $100 discount.

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