Apple’s latest software update is bricking some HomePods


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Apple HomePod

Apple’s recent 14.6 update is causing all sorts of problems. If you recall, the iOS 14.6 software update is affecting iPhone battery life. Some users have said that their iPhone will go from a full charge to 30% with barely any use. And now comes word that the recent 14.6 update is causing problems for Apple’s HomePod as well.

Owners of Apple’s HomePod have taken to online forums like Reddit to air out their complaints. One owner, who has an astounding 19 HomePods for some reason, said that seven of them are no longer working.

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What are the HomePod update problems?

The update isn’t causing playback issues but is rather bricking HomePods and rendering them useless. The owner of the 19 HomePods, for instance, relayed the following on a Reddit thread:

Either there is a massive problem with the OS or something in the hardware is built wrong. Unfortunately, all of them are out of warranty and I won’t be buying any new ones because I assume that every HomePod will break sooner or later.

What’s especially concerning is that the issue isn’t arising with beta software. Instead, a seemingly stable and run-of-the-mill software update is causing all sorts of issues. Another user said that when he updated to 14.6, one of his HomePods just stopped working immediately.

“When it’s plugged in, doesn’t power up – the top doesn’t light up or respond to touch,” the HomePod owner explained. Other owners chimed in and said that their speakers can power on, but won’t connect in stereo pair or even play on their own.

One HomePod owner noted: “Same problem with my stereo pair, although the one HomePod didn’t just ‘die’ – it became unresponsive with constant flashing volume buttons. Same result, though.”

Apple’s solution for the HomePod update problem?

It’s not clear how widespread the issue is, but what is clear is that Apple isn’t being entirely helpful. Compounding matters is that Apple discontinued the original…