Apple’s market cap passes the $500 billion threshold as stock climbs towards $550

Shares of Apple last week continued their meteoric rise as the company entered uncharted territory – $ 500 billion market cap. Or if you want to make it sound all the more impressive, Apple’s market cap is now half way to a trillion. While a number of companies have reached the $ 500 billion market cap milestone, no company has yet come close to reaching $ 1 trillion. Hell, most company’s who hit the $ 500 billion mark rarely stay there for a prolonged period of time, but if any company is poised to buck the trend, it’s Apple.

The company’s products are wildly popular, are draped with high margins, and most important of all, have no discernible marketshare advantage. Translation? Apple’s products – specifically the Mac and the iPhone – have nowhere to go but up.

At the close of trading on Friday, AAPL shares finished at $ 545.18 a share, leaving Apple with a marketshare of $ 508.31 billion. And perhaps indicating some price compression, Apple’s P/E only checks in at 15.53. By way of comparison, Amazon’s P/E checks in at an astounding 130.

No one said the fools on Wall St. were wise, but with Apple’s valuation now making more sense than ever before, perhaps they’re catching on.

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