Apple’s Massive iPhone 13 Design Decision Suddenly Revealed

04/20 Update below. This post was originally published on April 19

Apple’s iPhone 13 range will have some (literally) massive upgrades. But now we know another huge Apple design decision and it has potentially serious repercussions.

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In a new exclusive, respected display specialist Ross Young has revealed that only the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will receive Apple’s highly anticipated ProMotion displays ​with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini also using older, less efficient display hardware.

04/20 Update: popular Apple insider DuanRui has posted new photos giving us further insight into the changes Apple is making with the iPhone 13 display. The leaker has obtained third party screen protectors which earlier confirm reports that Apple is shrinking the notch significantly with this next iPhone generation. Holding the protector up to an iPhone 12 (image below), DuanRui shows that Apple has reduced the length of the notch by circa 30%, though the height itself looks largely unchanged. The protector also highlights the same series of circular cutouts that led one report to claim Apple may introduce a dual front camera with the range. While that seems unlikely, the reduction itself is very welcome and iOS 15 may well find new ways to optimise this marginal extra screen space.

Responding to questions, Young said that 2022 was now the date when the two standard iPhones could expect this tech – comprised of a 120Hz high refresh rate and LTPO displays, which automatically adjust their refresh rates as low as 1Hz to save power, such as when looking at photos. And the decision represents a significant gamble on Apple’s part. 

High refresh rates have been wildly popular on Android phones for almost two years now, with 90Hz and 120Hz panels even finding their way into budget phones like Samsung’s $160 Galaxy M12. So asking fans to once…