Apple’s New watchOS 10 Is Almost Here—And It Might Replace Your Bike Computer

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Apple’s watchOS 10 Has Updated Cycling FeaturesSpigen

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It’s getting to the point that it feels like the Apple watch can do just about anything. With the new update comes new features for cycling, and hiking. And honestly, if you’re bikepacking (or if you were at Unbound last weekend) those hiking features might come in handy for cyclists, too.

Apple says the watchOS 10 cycling features include automatic workout reminders, calorimetry for e-biking, and fall detection. When a power meter is detected, the Apple Watch will automatically estimate functional threshold power—the highest level of intensity you can maintain for an hour. This information enables “Power Zones,” which show which zone you’re in, and how long you spend in each zone.

If you start a cycling workout from your Apple watch, it will now automatically show up as a “Live Activity” on your iPhone. If you tap it, the activity will take over the entire display, making it easier to see metrics while riding.

The hiking features could be useful for both mountain biking and bikepacking. The new features allow you to see a three-dimensional view of where you’ve been using the “Elevation Views.” You can get estimates of where you last had reception with “Cellular Connectivity Waypoints.” Those waypoints can also let you know where you can next make an emergency call.

The hiking features include detailed topographic maps that allow you to search for trails with details given about length, time, elevation gain, and difficulty. You’ll even be able to see photos of the trails.

And finally, the new updates include features for mental health, and if there’s one thing we all need to work on, it’s the brain stuff. The watchOS 10 gives prompts to reflect on mood and state of mind.

It also tracks things like daylight, sleep, exercise, and mindful minutes minutes. And Apple is clear that mental health data stays on your device and is encrypted when your Apple Watch is locked with a passcode — it’s never shared without permission.

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